Good ideas need money to build a business

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Good ideas need money to build a business, and that’s where TiEQuest comes in. In an interview with 680 AM news, Suresh Madan, President of TiE Toronto talks on the value of TiE and TiEQuest to the entrepreneurial community.


TiEQuest is a Business Competition that has created over 25 success stories that have raised financing, acquired customers or signed strategic agreements. Two alumni achieved very successful exits in course of the business competition and mentoring program - Cognovision (TiEQuest 2007 participant) was acquired by Intel Corp and Echologics Engineering (TiEQuest 2007 winner) was acquired by NYSE-listed American company, Mueller Water Products.

TiEQuest has helped us deepen our relationships with other entrepreneurial organizations, including MaRS, OCE, HTX, Impact, PEO and others. For the first time, the competition was held simultaneously in
Cleveland, Ohio and Toronto, Ontario.