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TAGS Prentation Evening at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP in Seattle. It was a packed evening with Charter Members, TAGS Members and Guests. Four companies presented and we had two past company updates.... Read More
Translational Software makes personalized medicine a reality by empowering doctors to use genetic insights in their daily practice. With the advent of inexpensive genetic testing new data is... Read More
Tansa Clean’s mission is to reduce water pollution in India by making human waste valuable. As much as 70% of urban raw sewage pollutes freshwater sources there. Its consequences are widespread... Read More
HearIt is an app that speech-enables your mobile device, allowing you to listen to a centralized playlist of text, web pages, and documents shared from other apps. HearIt is an app that speech-... Read More
Tripcierge – a concierge desk in your pocket On Tripcierge, travelers will be able to plan what to do on their trip, get ideas from social circles, receive personalized, relevant and... Read More
Socedo helps sales and business development professionals leverage social media to discover leads and build relationships more effectively. Watch the introductory video here  Today,... Read More
The hip VC blogger, Fred Wilson will be among the keynote speakers at TiEcon NYC, this coming Thursday, March 3, 2011. Fred Wilson is managing partner at Union Square Ventures and also founded... Read More