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TiE Seattle & Ignition Partners – Application of AI / ML in Enterprise Sector

Artificial intelligence is becoming one of the hottest investment categories in venture capital with billions invested annually. Sometimes it is hard to decipher what is actually AI vs. slideware and   … READ MORE

TiE Entrepreneur Institute, Module III

TiE Entrepreneur Institute helps new and early stage entrepreneurs understand the fundamentals of building a startup from successful entrepreneurs, seasoned executives and domain experts in interactiv  … READ MORE

TiE Young Entrepreneur (TYE) Seattle Regional Finals

TiE Young Entrepreneur TYEis a fantastic year-around program to guide high school students to create and launch their first real business. Students are guided through each step of starting an enterpri  … READ MORE

TiE Seattle & Institute of Protein Design

TiE Seattle & Institute of Protein DesignAre you interested in learning about the biggest advances in life sciences? Are you interested in learning how software is being used to design brand new bio m  … READ MORE