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TiE Young Entrepreneur (TYE) chapter finals

TiE Young Entrepreneur TYE is a fantastic year-round program to guide high school students to create and launch their first real business. Students are guided through each step of starting an enterpri  … READ MORE

2022 TiE Institute – Module 1

Are you a budding entrepreneur but dont know how to get started? Or perhaps you have a great idea but you are struggling to raise funding for your startup. Being the CEO of an early-stage startup can   … READ MORE

Startup CEO Roundtable

Astute entrepreneurs know that building a successful business is far from a solo venture. In todays climate of COVID and social distancing, many business leaders of young companies are finding it espe  … READ MORE

2022 TiE Institute – Module 2

TiE Entrepreneur Institute is a program by TiE Seattle to help aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs understand the fundamentals of building and launching a startup from successful entrepreneurs, sea  … READ MORE