TiE Entrepreneur Institute Is a unique and compelling curriculum, to help aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs understand the fundamentals of building a startup. It is unique in the fact that the modules are by founders, successful entrepreneurs, seasoned executives, law firms, accounting firms and domain experts. Most importantly, it is taught in a format which combines a lecture followed by an interactive session. The content is offered in person, as well as accessible online. Unlike other offerings for entrepreneurs, which range from standalone sessions on a topic to multi-course learning paths which can last several months or semesters, TiE Entrepreneur Institute provides  a structured, comprehensive, short program, available as interactive, online and offline sessions that can accommodate the busy schedules of entrepreneurs. This is a paid program, with discounts available to paid TiE Seattle members.

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Module 1

Module 1 is about the fundamentals of starting a company. Often entrepreneurs are well into their idea and have started speaking to potential customers, but do not incorporate until there is a customer ready to try their product or service. At that time, its important to get the right structure without spending too much time and money on evaluating and understanding options. This module is intended to help accelerate the process of setting up the right entity, optimized for your needs.

  • Getting Your Company off the Ground – Duncan Butcher and Ryan Nisle, Partners, Miller Nash Graham & Dunn
  • Finance Essentials – Jon Gonzales, Partner and Mai Noonan, Audit Senior Manager, Deloitte
  • Fundamentals of Financial and i Modeling -Andrew Klein, Founder Accounting
  • Fundraising Fundamentals -Craig Sherman, Partner , WSGR Kellan Carter , Partner , Ignition
  • Building an Effective Investor Pitch – Sudip Chakrabarti , Partner , Madrona Venture Group

Module 2

One of the biggest challenges budding entrepreneurs face is aligning Product, Sales and Marketing to successfully start bringing in revenues. Join us for Module 2, where the Entrepreneur Institute brings together some of the product and marketing experts to share their advice and strategies on how to scale your business. We have stellar speakers lined up for Product Marketing, Customers Validation, Go-to-Marketing strategy, PR and Sales .

  • IP Protection and Data Privacy – Justin Wagner, Partner. David L Rice,  Partner. Miller Nash Graham & Dunn
  • Customer Validation and Achieving Product Market Fit – Vishal Anand, VP of Product Management, Perion Network. Paul Ingalls, CEO Ripl Inc.
  • Building a go to market strategy – Sanjay Puri, VP Product Marketing, Avalara.
  • Building a sales organization – Dharmesh Singh CEO and Co-Founder, Fullcast.io. Nikhil Hasija, CPO and Founder of Azuqua.
  • PR and branding – Belinda Young, Founder and President ,BYPR. Taylor Soper, Geekwire.

Module 3

TiE Entrepreneur Institute helps new and early stage entrepreneurs understand the fundamentals of building a startup from successful entrepreneurs, seasoned executives and domain experts in interactive sessions. Module 3 was aimed at helping startups which have some market traction start scaling their business. Each session provided attendees with the opportunity to gain insights from successful founders and Venture Capitalists to accelerate the growth of their business.The ideal participant were the CEO and Founder of a venture-scale tech startup companies who have a team or co-founder, have a product that’s at least MVP stage, has some traction whether its revenue, customer or investment. Each session had insights from global thought leaders + a Fireside Chat with a successful Seattle Founder + a leading Seattle area VC. (https://conversionwise.com/)

  • Enhancing your Go-To-Market for scale – Speaker: Sanjay Puri, VP Product Marketing, Avalara . Founder: Nikesh Parekh, CEO & Co-Founder, Suplari. VC: Jason Stoffer, Partner, Maveron.
  • Building and Scaling your Sales Organization- Speaker: Dharmesh Singh CEO and Co-Founder, Fullcast.io. Founder: Edward Petersen CEO, Wrench Inc. VC: Kellan Carter, Partner, Ignition Partners.
  • Five Steps to an Effective Sales Team- Speaker: Mark Meuleman, Partner Altus Alliance. Founder: Joshua Gebhart, Founder, Metric Story. VC:Tim Porter, Managing Partner, Madrona Ventures.
  • Key Do’s and Don’t for Recruiting and Building a World Class Company Culture – Speaker: Andrew Wright, Managing Director, Wright Ventures. Founder: Vetri Vellore, Former-CEO and Co-Founder, Chronus Corporation. VC: Greg Gottesman, Managing Director, Pioneer Square Labs.
  • People 101 & Setting up a High Performing Team – Speaker: Mikaela Kiner, Founder & CEO, Reverb. Fireside chat: Managing High performance teams Jim McCarthy, CEO, McCarthy Technologies.
  • Building and Managing an Effective Board of Directors – Speaker: Madhu Singh, Chief Legal Officer, Foundry Law Group. Founder: Sanjay Parthasarathy , CPO, Avalara. VC: James Newell, Partner, Voyager Capital.


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Entrepreneur Institute for Small Business

TiE EISB Prog is for those entrepreneurs who are looking to build a small, community-based business i.e. not venture scale. Very often, aspiring entrepreneurs have expertise in their particular area of business but lack knowledge of the other domains also necessary for building a startup, for example, sales & marketing or finance. To help entrepreneurs fill this gap, TiE EISB sessions will cover a wide range of topics, from getting started, how to form and structure your company, small business finance, business modelling, building a marketing plan for your business, digital marketing fundamentals, how to set up and manage an eCommerce site and building and presenting a business plan. An additional feature of this series is the Fireside chat with the Entrepreneurs.

  • Getting started. How to form and structure your small business-Duncan Butcher
    Partner, Miller Nash Graham & Dunn
    Fireside Chat Madhu Singh, Chief Legal Officer, Foundry Law Group
  • Fundamentals of small business finance – Jon Gonzales, Partner, Deloitte
    Fireside Chat Earl W. Overstreet II, CEO General Microsystems Inc.
  • Business Modeling Fundamentals – Andrew Klein, Founder Zccounting
    Fireside Chat Greg Southern, GM, Wingstops
  • How to set up and manage an eCommerce site – Sharad Mittal, CEO, Kinivo
    Fireside Chat Efrem Fesaha, Owner of Boon Boona Coffee
  • Building a marketing plan for your small business – Sameer Sugwekar, Digital Marketing Consultant
    Fireside Chat Joshua Dirks, CEO, Project Bionic: Whitney Keyes, Author, Propel Marketing
  • Building a business plan – Shirish Nadkarni, Serial Entrepreneur, TiE Seattle Board

Entrepreneurship Fundamentals (Virtual)

Given the unprecedented crisis caused by the CoronaVirus, it has become even more challenging for entrepreneurs to successfully launch startups and raise funding. Existing startups are encountering significant challenges in driving revenue growth as customers reduce all non-essential spending. To help entrepreneurs in these challenging times, TiE Seattle has gathered a group of successful entrepreneurs and subject matter experts to conduct a series of webinars to help them successfully build and launch a startup. The TiE Entrepreneur Institute sessions will cover a wide range of topics from Fundraising fundamentals, Building a compelling investor pitch, Achieving Product Market Fit, Developing a GotoMarket Strategy and Building a Sales Organization.

  • Fundraising Fundamentals – Craig Sherman, Partner Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, Kellan Carter, Partner Fuse Venture
  • Building a compelling investor pitch – Sudip Chakrabarti Partner, Madrona Venture Group
  • How to achieve Product Market – Shirish Nadkarni TiE Seattle Board & Serial Entrepreneur, Avni Patel Thompson, Modern Village
  • Building a Go to Market Strategy – Sanjay Puri VP of Marketing, Avalara, Liz Pearce Fresh Chalk
  • Building a Sales Organization – Dharmesh Singh. CEO, Fullcast.io