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Conversation with Congresswoman Suzan DelBene

Join us for an exclusive conversation with congresswoman Suzan DelBene for Covid-19 Legislation. Suzan will discuss updates from Congress on the Coronavirus outbreak and answer questions about upcomin  … READ MORE

Investors on Hold? Or Full Speed Ahead?

As COVID-19 brings a lot of uncertainties for businesses and brings life to stand still. Where do investors stand in this market? Are they on hold waiting to see how the market moves? Or are they full  … READ MORE

The Entrepreneurs Plight: Managing your company during these unprecedented times.

Hear from local entrepreneurs on how they are managing their operations, cash flow, customers, employees, etc. What they are doing to manage company morale? What are the contingency plans? How to stra  … READ MORE

TiE Seattle Entrepreneur Institute for Small Business

TiE Entrepreneur Institute for Small Business Entrepreneur EISB is a program by TiE Seattle to help aspiring entrepreneurs understand the fundamentals of building a successful small business from su  … READ MORE

Investment Outlook Panel 2020

Will 2020 be the year of Seattle Startups? So far so good. The Seattle market has seen steady investments in the billion-dollar range by VCs in a number of startups in this region. Join us at TiE Seat  … READ MORE

TiE Young Entrepreneurs

Registration for TYE BUILD 2019-2020TiE Young Entrepreneurs TYE is a global program dedicated to fostering future generations of industry leaders by teaching high school students the rewards and chall  … READ MORE

TiE Holiday Event 2019

Conversations with Unicorns in the Seattle EcosystemIn the world of startups, unicorns are companies that are said to possess a rare kind of entrepreneurial magic. Theyre privately held ventures worth  … READ MORE

Innovations in Physical Retail and E-Commerce: Is the Future Here?

Twenty-five years after the launch of, e-commerce represents about 10 of all retail sales. From zero to ten percent of a multi-trillion dollar sector in just 25 years is astronomical growth  … READ MORE

Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Mobility

TiE Seattle and Smart Mobility present:Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of MobilityThe tremendous hype for autonomous cars over the past few years has resulted in huge investments and valuations in   … READ MORE


Conversations with founders and leaders ofZenoti, Seekout, Ally, CleverTap and Icertis in the TiE familythat have recently announceda significant capital raise. Please join us at Ascend Prime private   … READ MORE

Automotive Cloud and the Future of Mobility

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHTTiE Seattle & Smart Mobility Seattle presents: Automotive Cloud and the Future of MobilityThe 3 trillion global automotive industry is going through a major transformation with ridec  … READ MORE

xTech + Impact 2019 Summit

How will the rise in exponential technologies such as Artificial Intelligence AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet of Things IoT, and Blockchain, help us to build a healthy and ethical society?Our  … READ MORE

TiE Entrepreneur Institute, Module III

TiE Entrepreneur Institute helps new and early stage entrepreneurs understand the fundamentals of building a startup from successful entrepreneurs, seasoned executives and domain experts in interactiv  … READ MORE

TiE Seattle & Institute of Protein Design

TiE Seattle & Institute of Protein DesignAre you interested in learning about the biggest advances in life sciences? Are you interested in learning how software is being used to design brand new bio m  … READ MORE

TiE Young Entrepreneur (TYE) Seattle Regional Finals

TiE Young Entrepreneur TYEis a fantastic year-around program to guide high school students to create and launch their first real business. Students are guided through each step of starting an enterpri  … READ MORE

TiE Seattle & Ignition Partners – Application of AI / ML in Enterprise Sector

Artificial intelligence is becoming one of the hottest investment categories in venture capital with billions invested annually. Sometimes it is hard to decipher what is actually AI vs. slideware and   … READ MORE

Investment Outlook Panel

Annual Investment Outlook Panel, 2019 -2018 was a banner year for venture capital investment, with numerous new unicorns, countless 100 million venture financings, a bounce in VC-backed IPOs and best   … READ MORE

TiE Entrepreneur Institute – Module II Product, Sales and Marketing

Product, Sales and MarketingOne of the biggest challenges budding entrepreneurs face is aligning Product, Sales and Marketing to successfully start bringing in revenues.Join us for Module 2, where the  … READ MORE

Holiday Event

We are excited to invite you to an exclusive Charter Member Dinner! Please join us for our holiday dinner, where we thank you for giving to TiE Seattle and share our vision for next year. An  … READ MORE


A Candid Discussion With Cate Goethals and Seasoned Board ExpertsLearn how to build, operate, compensate, and leverage board to achieve more, faster. A curated evening of answers by Cate Goethals,Dir  … READ MORE

TiE Entrepreneur Institute – Module 1

At TiE Entrepreneur Institute, new and early stage entrepreneurs will understand the fundamentals of building a startup. We have a stellar lineup of speakers including serial entrepreneurs, partners f  … READ MORE

Industry Spotlight – Travel & Hospitality Technology Panel

Did you know global travel & tourism is a 2.3T industrythat accounts for 3.1 of global GDP? Over the last several years,technology has fundamentally changedwhat used to be a highly fragmented segment.  … READ MORE

TiE Seattle Charter Member Dinner

We are excited to invite you to an exclusive Charter Member Dinner on June 5th at the Seattle Yacht Club. We will be introducing our newest board members and providing updates on the TiE Catalyst Fund  … READ MORE

Pratham- Fireside Chat on Technology and Education in India

PRATHAMis one of the leading non-government organizations working to improve the state of childrens education in India and other regional countries. Dr. Chavan is a pioneer in the field of education a  … READ MORE

TIE Seattle Industry Spotlight Healthcare Technology Event

TiE Seattle presents Healthcare Technology Panel EventTIE Seattle, is delighted to announce its Industry Spotlight, Healthcare Technology Event on 15th May 2018. If you are a healthcare entrepreneur,   … READ MORE

Startup On Tap: Ask the Entrepreneurs Series

James NewellRahul SahgalGillian MuessigTopic:Ask the Entrepreneurs SeriesTiE Seattle is excited to launch a new series as part of Startup on Tap. In this series we will have a moderated Q&A session wi  … READ MORE

Charter Members Mixer

TiE Seattle Charter Member Mixer.This is an invitation only event for TiE Seattle Charter Members. Wine, Beer and heavy appetizers will be served. This event is primarily for peer to peer networking a  … READ MORE

ML Startup Ideation Workshop

Click here to registerAre you a budding entrepreneur ready to change the world? Are you intrigued by the vast possibilities enabled by the latest advances in Machine Learning? The Startup Ideation Wor  … READ MORE

Charter Member Dinner

TiE Seattle Charter Member Dinner.This is an invitation only event for TiE Seattle Charter Members and their spouses.  … READ MORE

Startup On Tap: Lessons from a CEO

Topic: Lessons from a CEO: Tips and Strategiesfor Becomming a Successful Serial EntrepreneurFor most entrepreneurs, starting and running one successfulbusiness during their career is enough of a chall  … READ MORE