Members and Volunteers

TiE Seattle
Charter Members

TiE Seattle Charter Members are successful serial entrepreneurs, technology executives, angel investors, venture capitalists, educators, mentors and service provides who are committed to giving back to the local Seattle and Eastside community by building companies, creating jobs and generating wealth. TiE is the largest nonprofit network fostering entrepreneurship.

Charter Members are enrolled by invitation only to ensure they add value to the member community and the larger ecosystem. There is a nominal fee, a tax deductible non profit donation, as we do not do fundraising events.

There are numerous opportunities for Charter Members to get value as well as give back to the community:

  • Advise, mentor or invest in a curated set of startups
  • Network at exclusive events with VC and industry partners
  • Speak at local, national or global events
  • Lead a program with other thought leaders
  • Access a global network of 60 chapters and 15,000 members


Here are some of the programs we run at TiE Seattle:

  • The Catalyst fund offers an opportunity to Charter Members to invest in early stage B2B startups selected through a rigorous screening and due diligence process.
  • Go Vertical, in partnership with Madrona Venture Labs, holds workshops on Machine Learning and Blockchain in which teams of business professionals, developers and data scientists create new startups over a 2 week period. Winners of the pitch competition get the opportunity to join the Madrona Venture Labs Accelerator program and receive $100,000 in funding.
  • TYE – TiE Young Entrepreneurs mentors entrepreneurial teenagers (9th-12th graders) through the journey of creating a startup.
  • WEN – TiE Women Entrepreneur’s Network program is designed to match female entrepreneurs with educational, experiential, and mentorship opportunities that will enhance their chances of success and increase the value of their companies.
  • Industry Spotlight events explore the trends, innovation, challenges and opportunities in various segments. We bring together leading enterprises, successful startups, VCs and provide a platform for other local entrepreneurs to present their ideas. Upcoming events will be on topics such as Travel Tech, Voice, Autonomous Vehicles, AR/VR, Social Entrepreneurship and Food Tech.

Our Members are rising and aspiring entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and folks from all walks of life who are interested in innovation. Members join to further develop their dreams and startups all the while contributing to the growth of the community through volunteering. Our Members play a vital role in bringing new, innovative ideas and businesses to TiE Seattle in addition to driving economic development through job creation.

Members benefit by networking with peers, seasoned serial entrepreneurs, investors, and have the opportunity to take leadership roles in serving the community. Further, Members have the opportunity to participate in our programs and events designed especially to help them and their enterprises grow such as:

  • Mentor match: curated mentors who are domain experts in the areas you need help in
  • TiE Institute: a series of hosted, online and on-demand learning content on entrepreneurship, from starting a company to successfully scaling it
  • Platform for sharing your startup stories: at all our events and with all our social and communication channels, there is an opportunity to share your story. Contact us if you’d like to
  • Platform for attracting talent or joining a startup: through all our Charter Members and members, there is an opportunity to find talent or join startups, nationally or internationally. Contact us if you’re looking out for talent or opportunities

Additionally, Members receive discounted public TiE event tickets to further foster their learning and community building.

Are you currently a student? Students with a valid school email address qualify for a discounted membership rate.

Catalyst LP

Even if you are not involved with TiE in the various programs, you can participate as a limited partner in the Catalyst Fund. Your benefits and access with be the same as for Charter Members.


TiE’s mission is carried through the volunteer efforts of Charter Members, Members, and students. As a volunteer, you have the unique opportunity to contribute to the thriving Seattle startup ecosystem and interact with entrepreneurs, senior executives from the world’s most valuable companies and VCs. Volunteers help with event registration and management, coordinating speakers and panelists, sponsor stewardship and more. We strive to shape your volunteer experience to your skills, background, and available time constraints.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please email us with your profile and interest.